Intel CES 2017 Press Event

In collaboration with Intel, Plumbago Productions designed and produced a first of its kind Press Event featuring Virtual Reality experiences that took the audience across the globe in real-time.


Over 250 people gathered together to experience Intel’s new VR technology. Using Oculus Rift headsets, they glimpsed the future of TRAVEL, WORK, PLAY and SPORTS.



Intel created a travel experience with “HypeVR” technology that took attendees to a remote waterfall in Vietnam, one example of how people will be able to explore exotic locations they may never have the chance to visit.



In another live-streaming demonstration, viewers were transported above a solar power array in the Las Vegas desert via a drone that scanned it for potential maintenance issues. This was the first time that 250 people in one place had performed an aerial industrial inspection using 360-degree 4K camera resolution in real-time.



Intel demonstrated their “merged reality” technology PROJECT ALLOY. 

Game players wore cordless VR headsets as they moved around a living room set. After taking a 3D scan of the room, the physical objects became virtual, transforming the room into a convincing virtual terrain. Project Alloy merges the real world with virtual simulation to literally put the players in the game.



Midway through the Press Event, attendees were transported to the live Butler vs. Villanova NCAA basketball game. 36 cameras placed around the arena created a view of the action from any vantage point, giving attendees the opportunity to pick whatever seats they preferred.

This is the most unique and technically complex event we’ve ever held.
— Brian Krzanich, CEO Intel
A high water mark for what we will expect to see in all press conferences of the future.
— TechCrunch, 2017